The Company will be appointing an Investor Relations Officer (“IRO”) who will serve as the Company’s designated investor relations manager, tasked with keeping its stockholders informed of important developments in the corporation. The corporation’s President shall exercise oversight responsibility over this program. Investor Relations Officer will be tasked with (a) the creation and implementation of an investor relations program that reaches out to all shareholders and informs them of corporate activities and (b) the formulation of a clear policy for accurately, effectively and sufficiently communicating and relating relevant information to the Company’s shareholders as well as to the broader investor community.

As the Company’s officially designated spokesperson, the IRO will be responsible for receiving and responding to investor and shareholder queries. In addition, the IRO will oversee most aspects of the Company’s shareholder meetings, press conferences, investor briefings and calls, management of the investor relations portion of the Company’s website and the preparation of the Company’sannual reports.

The IRO will also be responsible for conveying information such as the Company’s policy on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, as well as other qualitative and quantitative aspects of theCompany’s operations and financial performance.

The IRO shall hold office at 5th Floor Legaspi Towers 200, Paseo de Roxas, and Makati City and can be reached through the following contact details: